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    Sorry for the creative speed bump.  While we support a number of FBX model imports from various software -for example Google TiltBrush-  we haven't covered all the various ways programs output/format to FBX... but we want to. 

    So, we're working to cover all the cases ( the various ways that myriad 3D modeling programs and marketplaces store and export their 3D models etc ); and to do so, are very much aided by your support.  To help us solve the issue you're experiencing we've setup a web form enabling you to send us more info on your creation software, export workflow, and most importantly share with us the model file* so that we can test and solve with it. We'll work quickly to try and get your model issues resolved. 

    Please find the "3D Model Import Issue Form" here **:


    * Our use of your models will be strictly limited to support purposes only.  

    ** The form uploads your 3D model using Google Drive, so requires a Google account sign in. If this won't work for you, just comment below.  

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